Narrative Reel

This Reel contains various clips from some recent work with a variety of Directors and Producers. If you are interested in longer form versions of what it presented, feel free to contact me and I will be able to share with you privately.


Twin Turbo

Written and Directed by Caity Lotz ("Legends of Tomorrow"), "Twin Turbo" is a short film about two girls on the way to vegas who get themselves in trouble and need to use their wits and their fists to get out.


Directed by Richard Zelniker. On their way up to Bishop Falls to celebrate their anniversary, a young couple gets stranded on the road, and their weekend trip turns into a nightmare as they flee a horrifying apparition.


Phillips Hue - Pink

Written and directed by Richard Morgan.

Inspired by an experience losing his childhood dog, Richard spawned the idea for this touching tale showing the connection of humanity and technology.

Phillips Hue - Camping

Director Richard Morgan shows how technology is present in our lives and inspires connection between those we hold most dear.

Additional Work

For more examples of work please contact me directly. I have a large amount of projects that cannot be shared publicly due to NDA, festival rules, and Distributor regulations. 

Mini Series

Smoky Mountain Rescue

Directed by Theo Brown, "Smoky Mountain Rescue" tells the adventurous story of Emily, a teenager who travels to stay with her grandpa for the summer. While on his farm, she meets Jack - a stray dog rescued by her younger cousins. While on the discovery of finding Jack’s owners, they learn the value of stewardship, while going on the journey of a lifetime.


Directed by Theo Brown. A hit-woman hijacks a Lyft to finish her kill list

Star Thieves

Directed by Leslie Foster. A young priest is pulled into an adventure a thousand years in the making as he discovers he is a member of a tribe of nomadic aliens who are caught between a decision to devour our sun and doom humanity or risk their own lives to save us from an alien threat.